10 Perfectly Timed Animal Shots



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Top 10 Albums of the year

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Yeezus- Kanye West

Kanye West may be in the news for being Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend and having named their baby North West, people should know he’s an artist first. It’s Kanye’s third album and with this, he has established himself as one of the best hip hop artists history has had to offer. Having received universal critical acclaim upon it’s release, it’s no wonder that this album has made it to the top albums of the year. Add the Kardashian factor and you have a great deal of publicity anyways.

Random Access Memories- Daft Punk

The French music duo made waves with their single “Get Lucky” and hit the top charts with it. The respected album is definitely one to make you keep dancing. It’s a dance album that pays homage to the musical era of 70′s and 80′s and it’s pretty evident in the album itself…

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10 Surprising Quotes From Famous People

If you’re remotely familiar with Facebook or inspirational wall posters, then odds are you’ve occasionally come across an image of a famous person with a quote superimposed on it. But it’s hard to reduce a major historical figure to a simple quote—especially when their truly surprising lines tend to get left out. With that in mind I’ve tried to put down 10 quotes that show rather different sides of some familiar figures.

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10 Fox-y Facts

Although they’re one of the most universally recognized animals in the world, foxes are actually quite a mystery. They commonly feature in our popular culture, and your nearest forest is probably home to quite a few of them. We may even know what the fox says. But, aside from that, what do we really know about these cute, cunning creatures?

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10 Ex-Convicts Who Turned Their Lives Around

The new year is a symbolic rebirth—a chance to discard past follies and focus on the endless opportunities of the incoming year. As easy as that sounds right now, it’s actually hard to put it into practice for normal people. Imagine how much more difficult it must be for ex-criminals who must face insurmountable challenges if they want to get their lives on track. As we ring in in the new year, let’s be inspired by these remarkable ex-convicts who managed to defy the odds and prove that nothing is impossible.


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10 Sea Survivals


Pedro de Serrano


Pedro de Serrano is considered the OG of castaway survival. It’s not clear how the Spaniard’s ship sank or how he alone ended up on an island in the Caribbean, but he did. He made it ashore with only the knife in his mouth and the shirt on his back.The island was little more than a large strip of sand, nearly devoid of flora and shade. Also, this was still the New World, only about 50 years removed from Columbus getting lost there. Ships weren’t exactly popping up on the horizon on the regular and Serrano knew it.Serrano’s physical survival depended on turtles. He killed the reptiles, ate their meat, and used the shells to collect water. With no other animals on the island, Serrano was unable to clothe himself when his clothing fell to rags. Serrano’s only relief from the sun was a dip in the ocean.Three years went by before Serrano spotted a ship, which wrecked, dashing Serrano’s hopes of rescue. A single sailor survived and the current deposited him on Serrano’s island. Serrano—more beast than man—initially terrified the beleaguered sailor, but eventually the two were able to cooperate and preserved their sanity by observing a strict schedule each day. Of course, sharing a strip of sand as one eats nothing but turtle meat and the sun boils one’s skin tends to make a person a little irritable. At some point during their four years together, Serrano and the other sailor split the island over an argument, each keeping half until another ship drew past, stopped, and rescued the two men after the survivors first attested they were not devils. Continue reading