Mike’s Top Ten Film Scores of 2013

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We’re talking scores and not soundtracks here today.

Which means that Inside Llewyn Davis is out, and Frozen has to get in purely on its score merits and not on the songs. I would like to shout out those two soundtracks, though, since the songs on them were quite good, and I’ve been listening to them a bunch over the past two months. And also a shout out to Broken Circle Breakdown‘s soundtrack, which actually made me appreciate bluegrass music for once. Who knew Belgium could made such good country music?

But anyway, today I’ll be going over my favorite film scores of the year. I’ll let you know now — this year hasn’t been a great one for me and film scores. Most of them really aren’t. I’m not a particular film score junkie. I don’t know music, I don’t have an ear for melodies…

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Top Ten Movies: Marked Movies

The Sporadic Chronicles

Of all the Top Ten lists that I received, Mark over at Marked Movies was the fastest, sending me my first list, hence I have decided it would only be right to kick off this new weekly feature with Mark’s list! I was so thrilled seeing as he has some solid choices and absolutely great reasoning behind each and every one of his picks. There were links to reviews on his site and everything, really organised and comprehensive, exactly what I would have come to expect from Mark. I would strongly suggest you take a stroll over to his site and check out the numerous things he has to say on the films that he is watching as well as the super fun Trivia Tidbits section of his that I am just truly addicted to.

Should you be interested in submitting a Top Ten list, draw up a list of…

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Top Ten The Walking Dead Comic book Characters

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The Walking Dead is known for its great characters, and in 120 issues there have been lots of them. But which ones are the top of the top? I have listed my top ten The Walking Dead characters bellow.

10. Ezekiel

“King” Ezekiel was introduced in issue 108 of The Walking dead comic book series. He is the leader of a group of survivors know as The Kingdom. When Paul Monroe takes Rick to meet him. He takes Rick in and decides to help him fight a group that could be compared to the mafia known as the Saviors. He very well be the smartest person in the comic. He is not higher on the list only because he has had little time for character development. With so many Characters in the series, and so much going on, we don’t get as much quality time with the characters we love.

9. Hershel

Hershel was introduced in issue 10 of The Walking Dead. When…

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