Top Ten The Walking Dead Comic book Characters

Top Tens

The Walking Dead is known for its great characters, and in 120 issues there have been lots of them. But which ones are the top of the top? I have listed my top ten The Walking Dead characters bellow.

10. Ezekiel

“King” Ezekiel was introduced in issue 108 of The Walking dead comic book series. He is the leader of a group of survivors know as The Kingdom. When Paul Monroe takes Rick to meet him. He takes Rick in and decides to help him fight a group that could be compared to the mafia known as the Saviors. He very well be the smartest person in the comic. He is not higher on the list only because he has had little time for character development. With so many Characters in the series, and so much going on, we don’t get as much quality time with the characters we love.

9. Hershel

Hershel was introduced in issue 10 of The Walking Dead. When…

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