Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Fun Twitter Follows

The Phil Factor


These are some of my favorite “just regular people” tweeters. I don’t follow anyone for news, information or topics. I look for laughs. These are all good. Do not hold me responsible for anything you read from them.

10. @causticbob: “Say hello to my little friend.” Great movie quote. Terrible bedroom talk.

9. @RidiculousSheri: The Brontesaurus was the most literary of all the dinosaurs

8. @Leemanish: Sick of having to go to two different huts to buy pizza and sunglasses

7. @Eightinchgoat: I have Paula Deen cookware and sheets from Martha Stewart, so I guess you COULD say I have a thing for “bad girls”

6. @lakeanagirl: Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

5. @Notreallyno: If you ever feel lazy, just remember that the ancient Greeks thought gods lived up on a mountain and never…

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Top Ten Historical Fictions

Belle of the Library

Hello lovelies!  For this top ten list, I decided to pick one of my favorite genres: historical fictions.  And there were so many to choose from!  I had to limit myself, so I decided not to include any books about the Holocaust/WWII.  (That’ll be a different list in the future!)  Apologies if that’s your favorite era!  Also, note that I sorted through my books and picked historical fictions that have no magic/supernatural to them, with one exception (mostly because I forgot it wasn’t a straight historical novel).  Otherwise, these are straight historical fictions.

With this list, I tried to find historical fictions that were unique in setting, had great characters, and covered somewhat obscure historical events.  (That didn’t always hold true, but I tried.)  If I didn’t become an English teacher because of my love of books, I would definitely have become a history teacher.  I love history so much…

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