Other Side To The Story !

White Shadows

Peshawar Attack 16-Dec 0063

Once upon a time there was a man who lived happily with his family, a wife and a son. One day his son went to school and never came back……….

Oh no you are guessing it wrong. Lets read the story once again.

Once upon a time there was a man who lived happily with his family, a wife and a son. One day his son went to school and never came back BECAUSE some soldiers were searching for a terrorist and during this search operation, many children were killed that day.

The same day while that man was carrying dead body of his son in his arms, a drone attacked his home and killed his mourning wife.

On 16th December, that man along with his friends invaded a school full of students. They killed hundreds of them. Put bullets in the shining eyes of children until all the…

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Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Fun Twitter Follows

The Phil Factor


These are some of my favorite “just regular people” tweeters. I don’t follow anyone for news, information or topics. I look for laughs. These are all good. Do not hold me responsible for anything you read from them.

10. @causticbob: “Say hello to my little friend.” Great movie quote. Terrible bedroom talk.

9. @RidiculousSheri: The Brontesaurus was the most literary of all the dinosaurs

8. @Leemanish: Sick of having to go to two different huts to buy pizza and sunglasses

7. @Eightinchgoat: I have Paula Deen cookware and sheets from Martha Stewart, so I guess you COULD say I have a thing for “bad girls”

6. @lakeanagirl: Never under any circumstances take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

5. @Notreallyno: If you ever feel lazy, just remember that the ancient Greeks thought gods lived up on a mountain and never…

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Top Ten Historical Fictions

Belle of the Library

Hello lovelies!  For this top ten list, I decided to pick one of my favorite genres: historical fictions.  And there were so many to choose from!  I had to limit myself, so I decided not to include any books about the Holocaust/WWII.  (That’ll be a different list in the future!)  Apologies if that’s your favorite era!  Also, note that I sorted through my books and picked historical fictions that have no magic/supernatural to them, with one exception (mostly because I forgot it wasn’t a straight historical novel).  Otherwise, these are straight historical fictions.

With this list, I tried to find historical fictions that were unique in setting, had great characters, and covered somewhat obscure historical events.  (That didn’t always hold true, but I tried.)  If I didn’t become an English teacher because of my love of books, I would definitely have become a history teacher.  I love history so much…

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Top Ten EBooks from Yesterday and Today week ending 5/23/2014

Top Ten 5/23/14

Endlessly Music

It’s been a while since I posted on of these. Sorry.

  • Poison – Carrie Hope Fletcher
  • All the Little Lights – Passenger
  • Thunder Clatter – Wild Cub
  • Rude – Magic!
  • Never Close Our Eyes – Adam Lambert
  • On My Own – Original London Les Miserables Cast
  • The Fighter (Cover) – Paradise Fears
  • These are the Lies – The Cab
  • Into Your Arms – The Maine
  • Dirty Little Secret – All American Rejects

Featured song:

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What’s the best war film ever?


023-apocalypse-now-theredlistThe epic scale of war films has captivated audiences for decades. From the massive D-Day landings that shocked us all in the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan to the jungles of Apocalypse now there are few films that can match the scope and sheer exhilaration of a great war film.

But which one is the best? It’s certainly a difficult call, there are literally dozens of brilliant ones to choose from. But rather than just have the tiny team of Fraking Films sit down and discuss our favourites and make a top ten from that discussion we thought we’d open it up to the big wide world of the internet.

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Top Ten Disney Songs


This has been one of the hardest top tens I have done yet. Even when I came up with my top ten, numbering them has been impossible. I can’t believe Lion King didn’t make the list as much as I love that movie. I absolutely love every song in The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, hence why they are on this list multiple times. I have several honorable mentions that are also included below.

Honorable Mentions: Son of Man – Tarzan; Zero to Hero – Hercules; Baby of Mine – Dumbo; Friend Like Me – Aladdin; Prince Ali – Aladdin; I Won’t Say I’m In Love – Hercules; Brazzle Dazzle Day – Pete’s Dragon; Just Around The River Bend – Pocahontas

Chim Chim Che-ree – Mary Poppins
I Wan’na Be Like You – The Jungle Book
Belle (Reprise) – Beauty and The Beast
Colors of The Wind – Pocahontas
Kiss The…

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